Challenge your Friends to predict Political Events

Win THEIR money for YOUR favorite Causes

Reclaim your Facebook and Twitter feeds

Become a Champion
Play. Win. Do Good.

How CauseWars Works

Compete for Good

Challenge anyone to predict upcoming political events or ace knowledge quizzes. Play for free or use CapitolCoins to make your friends put their Money where their Mouth is. Help your Cause with your skills and knowledge!

Win Money for your Cause

CauseWars uses CapitolCoins lost in Challenges to create monthly Champion Grants. Only your gameplay can decide which Causes will get that money, and how much. The more you win, the more grant money your Cause gets.

Awareness Ribbon

Be a Champion

We are 100% user driven. Only Champions can decide which Causes will be featured in the CauseWars Playoffs. Pick your Cause, and win challenges to get them to the top. Be their hero. You got the power!

Heart in Hand

Champions First Refund Policy

Keep winning Challenges, and you can use the same CapitolCoins to earn unlimited grant money for your Cause. And then get 100% of their purchase value refunded. There is no time limit, withdrawal fees or hidden costs. And you can always get 100% of your available CapitolCoins refunded.
This is our CauseWars Refunds Guarantee.

Super Hero

Make a Real Difference

CauseWars is your tool for change. You decide who participates and who wins. Then use your skills, passion and knowledge to help your Cause raise much needed funds, get noticed, get media attention, and beat out other Causes to win the Playoff Prize. Be the Champion they need.

The CauseWars Playoffs

Work with other champions to get your Cause to win the big money. The Playoffs Grant is 10% of the value of ALL CapitolCoins lost during each Playoff. The Cause with the most active Champions will win the grant. Girl Scouts vs NRA? Wikipedia vs Wikileaks? Red Cross vs Sierra Club? Its YOUR Choice. You Game. Causes Earn.

What is NOT: is about helping Causes, not individuals, and CANNOT be used for any form of financial gain. CauseWars Champions can promote, highlight and win unlimited grant money for their favorite Causes and Candidates. You can earn bragging rights. You can have fun with your friends and feel good about actively helping your Cause. But this is not a gambling or money making website. You CANNOT win any money, prizes, or any other material or financial benefits from participating in See our for more details.